Death's Echo - Release date 01/29/2011

Death's Echo has been officially published as of 01/27/2011 and will be for sale through the amazon kindle store on 01/29/2011 for .99 for a limited time only!! Get your copies now!! You won't regret giving that one cup of coffee.

"In the early months of 1920 B.F. Forbes, a reporter for Scientific America, sat down with the legendary Thomas Edison. At the time, Edison held close to 1,000 U.S. patents for everything from the light bulb to carbon microphones. During the interview, this American genius, dropped a bombshell when he indicated that he was working on a "...machine that could contact the dead". His view, as indicated during the interview, was that spirits were very much real, but that they were only capable of subtle influences. During the time period of the interview "mediums", as they called themselves, were using Ouija boards to communicate with spirits, but were generally considered frauds. Edison believed that the mediums were on the right track but that spirits generally didn't have enough influence to physically respond to the board itself, leaving too much to human interpretation. Sadly Thomas Edison died eleven years later having never completed his remarkable "machine"."

- Death's Echo

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